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You’re here because you’re ready to become a Full Stack Developer or maybe you’re coding already and want to take things to the next level? 

I’m here to share the course structure and features of this course with you. Check this video.

Part 1: Course Introduction

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Now, let's make sure that you understand the structure of this course

Have you gone through the above video? (if not, we strongly recommend that you do so before moving ahead. It will help you understand the unique structure of this course.)
This is a 2 months long course. The instructor sessions will be coducted live, online from 7 pm to 8:30 pm PST on Tue, Thu, Sat and Sun. Will the timing of the classes work for you?
This course is only available for USA and Canada residents at the moment. Are you currently residing in one of these two locations?
To do this course you will need to have a laptop and a good internet connection. Do you have or will be able to get one in time for the course?
The classes in this course will be conducted live and online. During the classes you will be able to interact with the instructor. This is not like the recorded courses on Udemy/Coursera/EdX/YouTube etc. Is this what you are looking for?
Besides the instructor and teaching assistant this course also has mentors. For every 5 students there will be one mentor. Mentor's conduct doubt-resolution sessions as per the availability of students in their group. Mentors also give detailed feedback on the homework. Do you need mentor support?
Our interactive classes along with the personalized mentor support for doubt-resolution results in a lot higher completion rate as compared to the courses on Udemy/Coursera/EdX/YouTube etc. Do you see why this course has a lot higher completion rate as compared to any recorded self-paced course?

About AttainU

AttainU is a scalable college alternative, focusing on high-quality, industry-aligned learning outcomes, targeted towards highly motivated individuals looking to get into high growth careers. With AttainU you can completely re-write your career. No prior coding knowledge needed. Only willingness to put in efforts is required. Learn in-depth Software Development besides interview preparation. We prioritize on teaching excellence above all else.

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