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What would you be learning in this course? What is the scope of this course? What Technologies and Tools will we be using? Watch this video to know about the course curriculum.

Part 2: Course Curriculum

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Next, let's make sure that you understand the curriculum of this course

Have you gone through the above video? (if not, we strongly recommend that you do so before moving ahead. It will help you understand the curriculum covered in this course.)
This is a beginner friendly course. It assumes that you don't have any coding experience. In this course the cohort will move at the same pace starting from the very basics. Is this what you are looking for?
The five components of web development covered in this course are - tools, Front End, Back End, Data Base, DevOps. Do you understand the curriculum covered in this course?
In tools we cover Command Line and GitHub. In Front End we cover 1) HTML, CSS, FlexBox, 2)JS, DOM Manipulation, 3) ES6, 4) HTTP APIs, JQuery, AJAX. In Back End we cover 1) NodeJS, 2) ExpressJS, 3) Cookies & Session Management. In Data Base we cover MongoDB. In DevOps we cover Heroku Deployment Platform. Is this what you are looking for?
Every student in this course works on a Capstone project. This project is a complete web application deployed on the cloud. It’s useful both from the perspective of skill development as well as placement portfolio. Do you understand how the capstone project works?
For placement support, this course includes workshops on Interview Preparation, Resume and Portfolio Building, Job Search and Salary Negotiation. Is this the placement support you are looking for?

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