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AttainU's Course Fee is very high? or low? Why shouldn't I buy a cheaper course providing the same course material?  Watch this video to get the answer of all such questions. 

Part 4: Course Fee ($999) in USD

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Lastly, let's make sure that you understand the Fee structure of this course

Have you gone through the above video? (if not, we strongly recommend that you do so before moving ahead. It will help you understand the fee structure of this course and how it compares with other alternative courses available in the market.)
Given the live-online classes with an industry expert instructor, teaching assistant for homework discussion, mentors for doubt-resolution and homework feedback this course costs more than the recorded courses on Udemy/Coursera/EdX/YouTube etc. Higher engagement in this course results in a 92% completion rate vs the 5% completion rate on Udemy. Is this something you are looking for?
We have kept the fee of this course significantly lesser that other live-online courses like HackReactor, General Assembly, App Academy, Lambda School. While we are based out of San Francisco, our instructors are experienced Software Engineers based out of India. This makes it possible for us to keep the fee of this course low. Is this something you are looking for?
The fee for this course is USD 999. Do you think this course is worth this price?

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AttainU is a scalable college alternative, focusing on high-quality, industry-aligned learning outcomes, targeted towards highly motivated individuals looking to get into high growth careers. With AttainU you can completely re-write your career. No prior coding knowledge needed. Only willingness to put in efforts is required. Learn in-depth Software Development besides interview preparation. We prioritize on teaching excellence above all else.

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