PIZZAKHAZANA - project by Nikhil and Vikram

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WHAT IS OUR PROJECT? We have created a pizza delivery app which helps us to select and order the pizzas to our doorstep. through our app one can browse through different pizzas, see all the details about it such as all the ingredients used and the reviews of the previous customers and the order the pizzas and get confirmation of the order acceptance and delivery status. The admin of the app can keep track of all the orders and approve them and can also perform crud operations on the pizzas .he can also keep track of all the employees and can perform crud operations on them as well.

WHY DID WE CHOOSE TO WORK ON IT? The idea behind choosing this project was an attempt to take an offline local business to the online market and moreover, in this app, we have used multiple crud operations on different databases which give us an idea of how a big scale app operates and what challenges are to overcame during it.


  • REACT - for creating all components and pages

  • MONGODB - for creating all databases

  • NODEJS AND EXPRESS - for creating the backend

  • BOOTSTRAP - for creating responsive

  • UI CSS AND JAVASCRIPT - for creating interface components

  • TOASTR - for displaying all error messages

  • SEND-GRID - for sending mails to the user and admin

FUTURE IMPROVEMENTS : In the future improvement of this project, we can include the live tracking of the order, further division of user roles like chefs, delivery boys, restaurant staff. we can also add discounting feature on payments and the admin can crud on it.



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