STYLISMA - Project by Yusuf and Divya

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What are we trying to build? Stylisma is an e-commerce website. Where only the company who is manufacturing the products can sell directly to the customers. There is women, kids and men section for shopping. This project is created using React.Js with Redux as Frontend and Node.Js and Express as backend.

Why did we choose to work on this? We decided to build this project because online shopping has been chosen by most of the people. And for a company who is manufacturing the products from scratch, but Instead of selling them by selves they are selling to the retailers and losing the margin. With this website, the manufacturing company can save the cost and time of searching for retailers and selling their products directly to the customers who are already looking for a variety of products over the internet.

Technologies used ? These are the technologies used for the project are as follows: FRONTEND : • React.Js • Redux • Bootstrap

BACKEND : • Node.Js • Express • Database • PostgreSQL • MongoDB • Cloud • Platform Heroku • Heroku PostgreSQL • Cloudinary


• Search Products • Organized orders with customers and date time • Tracking • Completed orders and incomplete orders • Edit profile • Filters • Bill gateway • Disable Product • Multi-language • Dark Mode • And many More...



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